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The Brand

All designs are original and  hand screen printed by the designer, ahssan moshref. When you add a vil & ood®  design to your collection you get unique, raw, original design that does not fall within trends and has deeply rooted meaning – work of art with purpose.

The philosopher Denis Dutton in his book “The Art Instinct” makes the statement that, “The value of an artwork is rooted in assumptions about the human performance underlying its creation. “We find beauty in something done well. The beauty we find in skilled performances. “
vil & ood is based in Canada, Surrey.

Care & ware

Turn clothes inside out before washing.

Hug your t-shirt one last time. Just kidding. But seriousley, turn clothes inside out before washing to protect the image.

Wash in cold water.

Hot water breaks down dyes and inks, resulting in faded clothes. Remember, cotton is a natural fibre and will shrink in hot water.

No bleach.

Hand-wash for best care.

Apply very gentle wring to drain access water. Else, use gentle cycle on your washing machine to help preserve the ink of the image.

Hand shape and drip dry item or dry flat.

Avoid dryer or direct sunlight exposure. Their heat will cause colors and images to fade more quickly.

Do not iron.

But if necessary, turn cloth inside out so print is not in direct contact with the iron. Iron in low temperature.